Why Won't Your AC Compressor Turn On?


Your AC compressor is the pumping heart of your home's air conditioning system. If your compressor doesn't turn on, then the refrigerant that transports heat away from home's interior will not cycle between the high and low-pressure sides of the system. In other words, your entire AC system will come to a screeching halt.  In addition to being the most crucial part of any AC system, the compressor also tends to be the most costly.

18 August 2020

Easy Ways To Keep Pests Out Of Your Ducted AC System


The design of ducted air conditioning systems is such that pests and pets are likely to get into the system through the ductwork. These pests can damage system components, and their presence and waste deposits may interfere with proper airflow. To avoid such problems, here is how you can keep pests out of your ducted air conditioning system. Take Care of Vent Entries Using mesh material over your air vents will help to keep out pests without interfering with the flow of air.

6 August 2020

Issues Your Air Conditioning System May Experience


Correcting air conditioner problems will be something that every homeowner may experience. While an air conditioning system can be a highly complicated device, many of the problems that these units experience will actually be the result of a handful of issues and malfunctions. Becoming aware of the warning signs and types of repair considerations these problems will require can make responding to an air conditioner malfunction a less stressful chore.  

21 July 2020

Three Modern Options For A Brand New Air Conditioning System


Modern air conditioning systems are more advanced, efficient, and have more options than older and more conventional systems. These options give you greater control over setting temperatures for different areas of your home, require less space for ducts, and let you control your home's climate via smart devices. Ductless and High-Velocity Systems There are several ways to cool a house, which means that you can select the one that works best for your home.

18 June 2020

Top Reasons to Choose an AC Replacement for Your Older Cooling System


According to the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI), the average lifespan of a central air conditioner is 7–15 years. If your system is at the upper end of this range (or has already passed it), take a look at the top reasons to replace your AC now. 1. Poor Cooling Quality Decreased cooling quality points to a potentially serious AC issue. If your system is new (or newer), it's likely a qualified HVAC technician can repair the air conditioner.

12 May 2020

3 Reasons Your Furnace Is Not Supplying Heat


No one likely wants to experience the inconvenience of not having heat in frigid temperatures. However, it can happen when you least expect it. Proper HVAC maintenance can reduce the chances of this occurring. A common sign that something is wrong is when a furnace will not run its course. It may shut off after a few minutes despite the desired temperature not being reached. This repeated cycle of trying to keep the furnace on can cause panic and frustration.

12 May 2020

Warning: Check This Before You Install A New Furnace


When you install a new furnace, it's not simply a manner of unplugging the old one and plugging in a new one. Your home needs to be able to support it. Here's what you should check. Electrical Voltage Even gas-powered furnaces typically use some electricity to help them get started. Most furnaces require a high-voltage outlet rather than a standard outlet. In addition, there are different levels of voltage in high-voltage outlets, and they aren't interchangeable.

7 April 2020

What You Should Know About HVAC System Maintenance


Problems with an HVAC system are expected to happen after time passes by, but sometimes they develop when least expected. The unexpected problems are usually left unnoticed until a homeowner has a need to use the system, which can cause a lot of frustration. For instance, the system will either not work at all or will have to be run for a long time to reach the right temperature. The homeowner is then left in a situation where they are stuck with higher energy costs or must live in an uncomfortable environment until the system is able to be repaired.

6 March 2020

Understand About Annual Maintenance Benefits


Don't forget to have your HVAC system professionally maintained before you go to use it and find yourself having issues. When you put off the maintenance, then you may end up not being able to get someone out to your house quickly because they have a long list of other people who called right before you. Learn about three things that are done during maintenance visits, as well as three ways a properly running HVAC system will directly help you.

27 January 2020

3 Indications You Might Have A Plumbing Leak


You may think having a plumbing leak would be obvious, but in many instances, the leak is slow to make itself known or is occurring in an inconspicuous location. Sometimes, warning signs a leak is occurring may happen well before there is an obvious plumbing failure. Higher Water Bill For some residents, their first indication that a plumbing leak is a problem is when they receive an abnormally high water bill.

20 December 2019