3 Possible Causes Of Uneven Heating In The Home And How To Solve It


One of the most annoying things you might have to deal with is cold patches in the home. This is because when you power up the furnace, you expect it to distribute heat evenly throughout the house. However, when it fails to do this, you might experience discomfort in rooms with uneven heating. As such, you will want to figure out possible reasons why some parts of your home might not be heating as well as others and resolve it with the help of a heating service expert. Here's why you could be experiencing this problem.

Are Some Vents Closed or Blocked?

The purpose of the air vents is to distribute the heat from the central heating system to every part of the house. As such, they must be open to execute this function. On the other hand, if your airflow gets blocked by furniture or other items, it will re-route to the rooms where the openings allow airflow. Ultimately, you will notice some rooms are very efficiently heated while others are cold. In such a case, walk around the house and look at the registers and vents. Then, check whether the carpet, upholstery, furniture, or other items in the room are blocking the airflow. Once you remove the blockages, you should experience efficient heating.

Have You Slacked Off on Furnace Maintenance?

Regular furnace maintenance is one of the best ways to ensure it's working perfectly. You should know that many problems develop because people are not performing proper maintenance checks. Given this, you should have a heating service expert assess your unit at least twice a year, especially before the heating season. During the visit, they will clean any blockages in the vents, change the air filters, change the thermostat battery, and check to see if every component is working as required.

Do You Have the Right Furnace Size for Your Home?

The size of the furnace should match your heating needs. So, if it's smaller than the square footage that needs heating, some parts of your home will not get enough heat. To solve this issue, you must talk to a heating expert who will assess your home and advice on the best unit. Note that if you bought a house with a heating system, you could also benefit from an assessment and upgrade if needed.

These are the most common reasons why some rooms in your home might feel colder than others. So, call a furnace maintenance and heating service if some parts of the house feel cold. They will help you determine your heating system's problems and fix them.


15 December 2022

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