4 Early Signs You Need To Schedule An AC Repair Immediately


Air conditioning hitches and breakdowns seem to occur when least expected. However, if you paid a little more attention to your air conditioner, you may be able to detect problems early and rectify them before you are forced to spend a few hot and sweaty nights without your AC. So how do you tell your air conditioner is ailing and needs an urgent repair service? Here's what to watch out for and call the experts for help.

26 August 2021

The Importance Of Preventative Air Conditioning Maintenance


Most homeowners are at least aware of the fact that HVAC contractors highly recommend the use of preventative air conditioning maintenance before the beginning of the cooling season each year. However, despite being aware of this fact, far too many homeowners choose to ignore this recommendation. Taking the time to better understand why these services are so important can help to prevent you from choosing to make this same mistake. 

30 June 2021

3 Signs You Need To Contact HVAC Contractors To Replace Your Furnace


A furnace is part of your home's central heating system or HVAC and distributes heat throughout the house for comfortable living. Most homeowners look for recommendations regarding furnace repair just before the onset of the winter season. However, things can go wrong due to increased demand and the chilly weather might catch up quickly. Emergencies are not fun to think about during this period as it would mean having to put up with the cold.

30 June 2021

4 Reasons to Install a Ductless Mini-Split Air Conditioning System


If you want to install a permanent air conditioning system in your home but can't find a way to make a ducted system work, then a ductless mini-split system might be the answer. These systems contain an outdoor compressor and condenser unit together with one or more interior air units. What are the benefits of installing this kind of air conditioning? 1. Get a Viable Retrofitting Solution Some air conditioning systems are difficult to install in an existing building.

11 June 2021

AC Problems That Make Your AC Run Longer Than It Normally Does


If your air conditioner is sized correctly and maintained properly, it shouldn't run all the time. When your AC kicks on, it is supposed to run for several minutes and then turn off and stay off for several minutes. As such, if you notice your air conditioner is running all the time, it could be a sign that something is wrong with the equipment. Here are some AC problems that make your air conditioner run longer than it should.

11 May 2021

6 Reasons Why AC Maintenance Is Essential


The last thing you want is to spend the summer or winter with a dysfunctional AC system. However, this is bound to happen when you keep neglecting this vital system. Like any other important machine in your home, the heating and cooling system needs your care and attention as well. Through routine air conditioning maintenance, your appliance will function as required all year round. Here are detailed reasons to have your machine professionally repaired and maintained.

16 April 2021

All About AC Repairs: Indicators Of An AC Refrigerant Leak


The first noticeable symptom of an AC refrigerant leak is waterlogging, and you are likely to notice water pools on the floor near the unit. This indicates that the unit might not be cooling off your house as required during the hot days or taking too long to do so. You might also hear a hissing sound from the unit, in which case it calls for immediate ac repairs to avoid extensive damage to the unit.

16 March 2021

A Guide To Mold In Your AC System


Mold in your AC system and ducts can pose many issues in your home. Understanding how mold gets there and what you can do about it is important. Causes of Mold In Ducts Mold grows in AC ducts for two reasons -- moisture and spores. For this reason, mold is most often a problem at the beginning and end of the cooling season, when the air is more moist. Mold issues often reduce during the summer in dry areas as the air dries out and mold goes dormant.

16 February 2021

Choosing A New Furnace For Your House


Choosing a new furnace for your home can be an excellent opportunity for you to be able to make an upgrade that can improve the value of the house while making it more energy-efficient and comfortable. Appreciate The Flexibility Of Zoned Heating Systems Whenever you are making changes to your home's HVAC system, it can be worth considering whether choosing a zoned heating system can be a good match for your house.

5 February 2021

Time To Have Your A New Conditioner Installed? How To Tell It's Time


If your air conditioner seems to be on its last leg, it's definitely time to have it replaced with a new one. Although, not every air conditioner is on its last leg when you decide to replace it with a new one. Your air conditioner may be running perfectly fine, although you've had to repair it a few times, or it may not be very energy efficient. If you aren't sure if you should replace your system, even if it's running correctly, read on for some other signs that indicate you should replace it.

4 January 2021