Is Your Air Conditioner Leaking Refrigerant? Here Are 3 Reasons To Replace It Instead Of Finding And Fixing All The Leaks


If your home's air conditioner is running low on refrigerant, it means that there's a leak in the system somewhere. The refrigerant lines and coils in an air conditioning system are closed, so refrigerant doesn't evaporate into the air over time, and an AC doesn't use up any refrigerant when it's running.

To repair your AC, you'll need to find the leaks, patch the damaged lines or coils, and have the air conditioner recharged with more refrigerant. However, repairing your AC isn't always the best solution when it's leaking refrigerant. It's often better to replace the entire system instead. To learn three reasons why, read on.

1. Finding and Fixing Refrigerant Leaks Is Often Complicated and Expensive

Air conditioners often start leaking refrigerant when the lines or coils become corroded. Pinhole leaks start in the corroded areas, allowing refrigerant to slowly escape. Tracking down all of these leaks can be difficult since they're so small. If you don't find and patch them all, your air conditioner will still continue to slowly leak refrigerant, and you'll need to recharge it again eventually.

Patching leaks in refrigerant lines and coils is also complicated. The leaking area needs to be cut off from the line or coil and replacement tubing needs to be attached using a heat torch. If you have numerous tiny leaks, repair costs can add up quickly. Overall, repairing refrigerant leaks can be a lengthy and expensive process, and replacing your entire air conditioning system can be similar in price.

2. Low Refrigerant Levels Can Damage the Compressor, Which Is Expensive to Replace

When the refrigerant levels in your air conditioner start to run low, the compressor in the outdoor AC unit can start to wear out. The compressor uses a piston to force refrigerant from a gas into a liquid. When not as much refrigerant is in the lines, there's not as much cushion between the piston and the bottom of the compressor, and this can lead to your compressor becoming damaged from the excess force.

Replacing a compressor is very expensive, and it may be a repair you need to make in the short future if your AC has been low on refrigerant for a while. A replacement AC will come with a brand-new compressor, which can help you avoid the high cost of replacing the compressor if it was damaged by low refrigerant levels.

3. Replacing Your Air Conditioner Puts It Under a New Warranty

Finally, getting a new air conditioner will give you a new warranty. A warranty on your AC is a very useful thing to have since it will cover the cost of replacement parts. If your AC breaks down in the middle of a hot summer and you need it fixed immediately, a warranty will make it much easier for you to afford the cost of repairs.

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2 August 2023

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