3 Reasons For Inadequate Ventilation In The Condenser And AC Repairs It May Need


If your home is hot and stuffy but you hear the AC running and there is only slightly cool air coming out, your first thought may be a refrigerant leak that will be expensive to repair. However, other things can cause your AC to stop cooling down your home. One of them is when the condenser isn't cooling down well enough. Here are three reasons that can happen and the AC repairs that might be needed.

1. There Isn't Enough Natural Ventilation

Air has to flow through the condenser to cool off the coil and move heat out of the condenser. This happens when air is pulled in through the condenser fins and over the coil. The air helps cool the coil off so heat can escape. If the fins are smashed, air can't flow through the condenser as well and the coil and refrigerant won't cool off as much as they should.

Your AC could turn on and run, but it won't cool your house as well since the air coming out of the ducts won't be as chilly. The AC repair for this problem is for the technician to straighten out all the fins with a tool that separates them and bends them back into position.

2. The Capacitor Is Dead Or Malfunctioning

The condenser has a capacitor in it that helps the fan motor get started. The capacitor provides additional energy so the motor can start from a full stop. It also provides power while the motor is running to maintain a consistent flow. When the capacitor acts up, the power supply to the fan motor might diminish so much that the fan struggles to work or it is erratic.

You can sometimes tell if a capacitor is bad due to new and unusual noises coming from the condenser. This could be a potential problem because your home may not get cooled down and because the fan motor might burn out. The capacitor has to be in good shape to provide adequate ventilation in the condenser, so the AC repair technician may need to replace it with a new part.

3. The Fan Motor Is Dead

If the fan in the condenser stops working, the condenser will overheat. The fan creates air that flows over the condenser coil to blow heat away. The fan also keeps the inside of the condenser cooler so all the parts are protected. A dead fan motor must be replaced so ventilation improves inside the condenser.

Replacing a fan motor is more involved than replacing a capacitor since the entire fan assembly has to be removed and taken apart. However, it's an essential AC repair since the compressor might get damaged if the temperature in the condenser gets too high. For more information on AC repair, contact a professional near you.


21 June 2023

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