4 Things To Look For In A Residential AC Company


Whether you've recently moved somewhere new or are a first-time homeowner, having a residential AC company that you can count on for HVAC installation, repairs, and installation is a must. With so many AC service companies likely operating out of your area, however, it can be difficult to find the company that best suits your needs. To make your job easier, there are a few things worth looking for as you shop around for a go-to AC company.

10 May 2018

How To Balance a Forced Air Furnace


As the name implies, forced air furnaces push air into vents to warm the home. The air then returns to the furnace to be reheated. However, you may notice the air flow lacks balance in certain rooms of the house, especially in two-story houses. Follow these steps to balance your forced-air furnace. Open All Dampers First, if your home doesn't have in-room thermometers, place a thermometer in each room that seems too hot or too cold.

26 March 2018

What You Can Do To Make Sure Your Heater Makes It Through The Cold Season


On a cold winter's day there's nothing worse than hearing the final purr from your heater as it dies. The sound can be quite unsettling because you know it means that you're going to have to wait it out in the freezing temperatures until someone can come out to repair it. If you live in a busy, metropolitan city the workload for heating, air conditioning and ventilation (HVAC) specialists can be quite heavy, forcing you to go days without the comfort of a working heating unit.

12 February 2018

Why You Need To Clean Outside Your Furnace


HVAC systems are obviously complicated, with expensive and delicate electrical components, large appliances, tricky gas systems, and other things that homeowners don't want to mess with. That being said, HVAC maintenance isn't something that should only be left to professional technicians and contractors. The fact of the matter is, your HVAC system needs more constant maintenance then you are probably giving it. Even if you have your system serviced once or twice a year, there are a lot of simple things homeowners can do to maintain their system.

5 January 2018

Ductless Window Units Vs. Central AC Systems


Investing in new AC system for your home is a very big decision. You need to find the type of system that will be the most efficient for your property. You also need to consider your current HVAC set up. That is, if your home already has ducting installed for the heating system, adding an air conditioning unit is not going to be that much more expensive. However, if your property does not have any ducting within the walls, the project is going to be extremely expensive and not practical.

15 November 2017

A Guide To Common HVAC Repairs


One of the most frustrating things about HVAC systems is that the maintenance is relentless. That is, you need to constantly do your part to clean, service, and maintain your system to ensure it is running at maximum efficiency. This includes DIY maintenance and cleaning, as well as having your furnace, condenser, and evaporator units professionally serviced on a regular basis. This article will explain a couple of common HVAC maintenance jobs that you will need to invest in over the years.

10 October 2017

First Start Furnace Burning Odors


If you are preparing for the upcoming winter season, then you may have started to get your heater ready. If so, you may have turned the unit on briefly to make sure it runs. If you noticed a burning smell when doing this, then you may be worried that your heater is going to die soon. However, this is unlikely. Keep reading to learn about this issue and what you should do about it.

23 September 2017