Six Faulty Assumptions That Are Sometimes Made About Water Softeners


If you have hard water in your home, it's important to invest in a water softener. Don't be discouraged from investing in a water softener because of misinformation. The following are six faulty assumptions you should be aware of that are sometimes made about water softeners.  A water softener removes important nutrients from the water Homeowners shouldn't assume that removing minerals from their water will make it so that they miss out on important nutrients.

9 May 2023

5 Indicators Your Central Air Conditioner Require Immediate Repairs


Living in a hot and humid climate can be sweltering, but luckily central air conditioning exists to make your living area more comfortable. Despite its many benefits, it is important to recognize when repairs are necessary for your AC system. Below are five indicators of an issue with your central air conditioner that require immediate attention. Unusual Sounds Many central air conditioning systems produce some noise during operation as the compressor, fans, and motors work together.

17 April 2023

How Furnace Maintenance And Repair Can Save You Money And Extend The Life Of Your Heating System


Your heating system is one of the most essential systems in your home. However, the system requires some maintenance to ensure it works properly throughout the year, and if it is acting up, furnace repair may be necessary. Signs of Furnace Problems There are a few things you can look for to see if your furnace is having problems. If your furnace is not heating properly, it is often the first sign that something is wrong, and you need to hire a furnace repair company to look at it.

28 March 2023

2 Mistakes To Avoid When Choosing A Location For Your Home's New Central AC System's Outside Unit


Whether your home's central air conditioner has failed and needs to be replaced or you are installing an entirely new system in your house, one of the decisions that you will need to make before the installers arrive is where to put the outside unit. While it may seem like an easy decision, you cannot simply put it where it would be convenient for you or where it will be out of sight.

6 March 2023

Repairing Your Water Softener's Performance Issues


Without a functioning water softener, hard water can create significant plumbing issues in the house. In some cases, it may even cause damage to appliances, pipes, and fixtures. When a water softener stops working, you must know how to respond. Minerals In The Water Softener Can Cause Severe Failures A water softener is designed to improve your water quality by removing excess minerals and sediments. However, these minerals can start to accumulate in the water softener.

13 February 2023

Is Your Home Too Humid? Your Air Conditioner May Be To Blame!


Humidity is a fact of life for people in many regions across the United States. Hot summer weather often brings excessive moisture, which can be uncomfortable and create a breeding ground for problems such as mold. Air-conditioned spaces can offer some relief, but it may seem like even the best air conditioners can struggle to keep up with very humid environments. However, a well-designed residential air conditioning system should maintain a relatively comfortable relative humidity.

24 January 2023

Reasons You May Call An HVAC Company As A New Home Owner


When you own a home, there can be a number of ways you end up working with an HVAC company throughout the years. If you are new to homeownership, you may not be aware of all the different services they can help you with yet. It's a good idea for you to learn about some of them, so you know when you can count on the HVAC company when you have certain needs.

4 January 2023

3 Possible Causes Of Uneven Heating In The Home And How To Solve It


One of the most annoying things you might have to deal with is cold patches in the home. This is because when you power up the furnace, you expect it to distribute heat evenly throughout the house. However, when it fails to do this, you might experience discomfort in rooms with uneven heating. As such, you will want to figure out possible reasons why some parts of your home might not be heating as well as others and resolve it with the help of a heating service expert.

15 December 2022

Why You Cannot Miss Your End-Of-Year Air Conditioning Maintenance Appointment


Of all the many chores on your to-do list before the end of the year, don't forget to schedule an appointment for AC maintenance. Since your air conditioner worked hard all year to keep your home comfortable, giving it a little tune up as you wrap up the year is important. Here are five reasons you cannot miss your end-of-year AC maintenance appointment. Optimize Your Equipment's Performance Since your air conditioner has been operating at full capacity most of the year, it has likely sustained a couple of misalignments.

29 November 2022

Parts Of Your Commercial Steam Cooker You'll Replace Over Time


Steam cooking is a method of cooking that uses steam to transfer heat to food. It is a very efficient way of cooking, as it cooks food evenly and quickly. There are many benefits to using steam to cook food at your restaurant, such as retaining nutrients and vitamins, as well as texture and flavor. Here are a few parts of your steam commercial cooking equipment you might need to replace over time.

11 November 2022