Parts Of Your Commercial Steam Cooker You'll Replace Over Time


Steam cooking is a method of cooking that uses steam to transfer heat to food. It is a very efficient way of cooking, as it cooks food evenly and quickly. There are many benefits to using steam to cook food at your restaurant, such as retaining nutrients and vitamins, as well as texture and flavor.

Here are a few parts of your steam commercial cooking equipment you might need to replace over time.

Boiler Element

The boiler element basically heats the water that is used to create steam. It uses electrical resistance to heat the water. But with time, this element can become corroded or damaged. Maybe your water is particularly hard, and this has caused scale to build up on the element. This will affect how well it heats the water, and eventually, it will need to be replaced.

Replacing this component is fairly easy. All you need to do is unscrew the old element and screw in the new one. The replacement parts often have compatible structures that will fit into the same housing. But make sure the new element can handle the amount of water your boiler needs to heat.

Safety Valve

The safety valve is a critical part of your commercial steam cooking equipment. It is responsible for releasing pressure build-up inside the unit. As more steam is produced, the pressure inside the boiler will increase. If this pressure gets too high, it could present certain risks, such as an explosion.

The safety valve is designed to open and release this pressure when it gets too high. But over time, the valve can become obsolete from all the use. This can cause it to get stuck in the open position, which will release pressure even when there is no need to. Or it might get stuck in the closed position, which won't allow any pressure to be released.

Either way, this can be quite a dangerous situation, especially in a commercial setting where many people are present.

To fix this, you will need to replace the safety valve. This is a more difficult task than replacing the boiler element. You will need to shut off the power and release the pressure inside the boiler before you can even start. Then, you can unscrew the old valve and screw in the new one. Make sure to test it before you turn the power back on.

If you need commercial steam cooking replacement parts, contact a reputable dealer to ensure you get the best quality products. For more information on commercial appliance parts, contact a company near you.


11 November 2022

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