4 Mistakes To Avoid When Installing A Furnace In Your Home


An effective furnace is essential for heating your home and helping you maintain clean indoor air. Therefore, it is important to hire an HVAC contractor to help you navigate the purchase, installation, and maintenance processes, avoiding errors that may hinder your appliance's effectiveness. Below are some mistakes to avoid when installing a furnace in your home:

Acquiring The Wrong Size

A furnace with the right output warms your home efficiently because it matches your house's needs. On the other hand, an oversized unit may short-cycle frequently, adding extra wear and tear to the compressor and blower motor. Conversely, an undersized unit will run often and for longer periods in an attempt to heat your home adequately. 

Thus, an improperly sized unit consumes a lot of energy, reducing efficiency. For this reason, you should engage a furnace technician to help you select the right size for your furnace. The professionals calculate the dimensions of your home before recommending a furnace with optimal output.

Hiring an Inexperienced Furnace Installer

Although installation costs may vary from technician to technician, you need to consider other factors such as licensing, experience, and insurance while looking for a contractor. A furnace contractor with the requisite expertise employs the necessary tools and equipment to set up the system accurately for peak functionality. Additionally, they level the unit and secure connections to prevent leaks and ensure the furnace does not fail prematurely. In so doing, an expert furnace installer helps prevent avoidable repair costs and increase your heating system's longevity.

Overlooking Ventilation

Vents and ducts are the furnace's airways whose role is to pull air into the system for heating and emit flue gases. For this reason, the heat registers and return grills must be free of drywall dust and flooring debris to avoid impeding the airflow. Moreover, vents should be kept free of obstructions to emit hazardous gases from the heat exchangers effectively. Therefore, you should hire a furnace technician to regularly clean your ducts and ensure adequate ventilation for better air quality.

Improper Thermostat Placement

If you place a thermostat in an area exposed to sunlight, it might fail to warm your house according to your settings because its location is already warm. On the other hand, if you place the thermostat near a drafty window, it might detect the cold temperature and raise the residence's temperatures higher than required. It is, therefore, important that a furnace contractor places your thermostat at an ideal location that is accessible while not being vulnerable to such temperature readings.

Since this heating appliance only functions optimally when expertly installed and maintained, you need to hire an HVAC expert to help you select and install your unit for peak performance.

Reach out to an HVAC contractor for more information. 


18 July 2022

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