Mistakes That Can Lead To Major Air Conditioning Repairs


For most homes, the air conditioning system is one of the most important appliances in the house. When it suffers problems, the entire interior of the home can become uncomfortably or even dangerously hot. Unfortunately, homeowners can make some critical errors that could dramatically increase their likelihood of needing to have the unit undergo major repairs at some point in the future.

Not Being Diligent With Cleaning The AC Unit

Your air conditioning unit can become extremely dirty and dusty over the years. If this is allowed to occur, the unit may experience a range of problems due to the dust and dirt that has accumulated inside it. For example, the blower could become jammed due to dust gathering around the motor. Additionally, dirty air filters for the system can restrict the flow of air into the unit and increase the strain that it experiences. In order to avoid potentially needing to have repairs done to the unit as a result of dirt and dust accumulations, a homeowner will need to regularly clean the unit. In addition to replacing the air filter, the exterior vents for the unit will need to be cleaned, but this can be relatively simple for most systems.

Running The Air Conditioner When It Is Below The Recommended Operating Temperature For The System

Your air conditioning system will have a minimum operating temperature that it is designed to support. Running the unit when the temperature outside is below this temperature can cause extensive damage to the unit. In particular, this can potentially lead to the unit icing over. When a large sheet of ice is able to form on the coils and the vents for the unit, the system can rapidly suffer catastrophic damage as a result. On days when it may feel stuffy in your house but the temperature outside is below the operating threshold, your unit can safely utilize its fan setting to help make the interior more comfortable without risking this damage.

Not Shielding The Unit From Electrical Surges

Individuals will typically appreciate the need to take aggressive steps to protect their computers, televisions, and other important electric devices from power surges. However, they may not realize that their air conditioning system can also be vulnerable to this damage. Connecting the unit to a surge suppression system can potentially avoid the unit suffering enough damage from these surges to require a total replacement. While a quality surge suppression system can have some minor purchase and installation costs, they will be far less than the cost of repairing the damage that a surge could cause to your unit.

For more information on AC repair, contact a local HVAC contractor. 


6 May 2022

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