What To Know About Heating System Installation


Ensuring your home is safe and comfortable when temperatures drop is crucial. Whether you are replacing an old or broken heating system or adding one to a new home, finding the best fit for your needs is vital. Proper installation is also crucial when it comes to heating your home. Even the most powerful heating system on the market isn't going to heat your home well if it's not installed correctly. Here are three things to know about heating system installation. 

Finding The Right System Is Crucial

The first thing to consider when it comes to heating system installation is what type of heater will work best for your needs. Heating system replacement is an excellent opportunity to look at your home's heating needs. There are many different heating system options to consider, and you will want to look for one that fits your budget while also offering the necessary heating power for your home. If you struggle to find the best fit, your HVAC contractor can help you select a suitable heating system. 

How Much It Will Cost

When installing a new heating system, you will need to consider the cost of the system itself and the installation labor. How much you pay for your new heating system will depend on the system you select and the difficulty of the installation. A new furnace can range from $1,360 to $12,500. Installation labor can range from $50 to $150 per hour. Before committing to a heating installation, make sure you account for the total cost, not just the furnace. Your HVAC contractor will give you a quote for how much the heating system installation will set you back before work begins. 

How Long It Will Take

Another thing to know about heating system installation is that it can take a few days, depending on what work is necessary. Putting in a new furnace may take just a few hours, but your new heating system may require more than that. If new ductwork is needed, it may be a few days before your heating system installation is finished. Before the installation begins, discuss the timeline with your contractor. 

You need to know a few things if you plan to put in a new heating system. First, finding a system that suits your needs and budget is vital. Second, you will want to discuss your budget before work begins on your new heating system. Finally, make sure you know how long the heating installation will take before it starts. 

For more information on heating system installation, contact an HVAC company, like IMS Heating & Air Inc.


24 March 2022

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