AC Problems That Make Your AC Run Longer Than It Normally Does


If your air conditioner is sized correctly and maintained properly, it shouldn't run all the time. When your AC kicks on, it is supposed to run for several minutes and then turn off and stay off for several minutes. As such, if you notice your air conditioner is running all the time, it could be a sign that something is wrong with the equipment. Here are some AC problems that make your air conditioner run longer than it should.

The AC Can't Reach The Thermostat Settings

One reason your air conditioner runs all day is if it isn't putting out cool enough air and your home never reaches the set temperature. This is often caused by low refrigerant. If your AC runs all the time and your home isn't cooling down enough, call an air conditioning repair service to check the refrigerant in your system. If the refrigerant is leaking, the problem will get worse as more refrigerant leaks out.

Another reason your AC can't cool down your house could be due to dirty condenser or refrigerant coils. If the coils are coated in dust or ice, the refrigerant can't cool your house, even if the refrigerant is at the right pressure and not leaking.

The Thermostat Is Bad

Your air conditioner may be cooling your house, but the thermostat may not be working correctly, which means your AC keeps running. If your AC runs for a long time and your home keeps getting colder, you might want to contact an air conditioning repair service. They will check your thermostat and replace it if it's bad.

The Airflow Is Restricted

If your AC runs too long, check the amount of air coming out of the registers. If the flow seems low, the airflow going into the air handler might be restricted. A common cause of this problem is a dirty filter. Change your filter if it's dirty, and this might fix the problem. If not, call a repair technician for help.

If your AC runs all day, it drives up your power bill, so you want to find a solution. Consider if your region is experiencing a hot streak. If the weather is much hotter than usual, your AC may have to run longer, especially if your home isn't insulated very well. You might want to turn up the thermostat setting so your AC turns off at a higher temperature until the heatwave passes.

An air conditioning repair technician can troubleshoot your equipment and make repairs if something is malfunctioning. It's hard on your equipment for it to run all day, so it's best to let a technician find the cause of the problem rather than hope it goes away when the weather cools down. Contact an AC repair service for more information. 


11 May 2021

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