All About AC Repairs: Indicators Of An AC Refrigerant Leak


The first noticeable symptom of an AC refrigerant leak is waterlogging, and you are likely to notice water pools on the floor near the unit. This indicates that the unit might not be cooling off your house as required during the hot days or taking too long to do so. You might also hear a hissing sound from the unit, in which case it calls for immediate ac repairs to avoid extensive damage to the unit. Adding the refrigerant will not fix this problem. That said, here are a few indicators of an AC refrigerant leak.

Refrigerant Level Too Low 

The amount of refrigerant determines the amount of time it takes to achieve cooling if any cooling occurs. If there is a leak, then the level of refrigerant is likely to go down. A lesser amount of refrigerant means reduced efficiency when drawing heat from the air in your house. Hence you will notice that it takes more time to cool your house.

No Air Is Blown Out of The HVAC unit

A properly working HVAC unit that has no leaks will let out perfectly cold air from the vents. If this is not so with your unit, then there is a leak somewhere. You can quickly check if your house is getting cool by placing your hand over the vents.

Your Door Unit Starts Becoming Noisy 

Leaks on the refrigerant coils will cause entry of circulating air into other components of your unit. When this happens, gurgling sounds will arise, especially when the leaks are too severe. A hissing sound is prevalent when the cracks and holes are not very large, and you should undertake ac repairs before it is too late.

Freezing Coils 

A drop in the refrigerant level means the refrigerant's coils are unable to take up the heat from the incoming air to cool it. The condensation on these coils will then go on and freeze. Ice accumulating on the evaporator coils needs to be removed quickly by an HVAC professional. Failure to do can break down the entire system, leading to even more expensive repairs.

Electricity Bills Are Increasing 

Even if you cannot track electricity consumption on individual gadgets and equipment in the house, you are likely familiar with the range you pay every month. A significant change in your bill means all is not well. Since an AC refrigerant leak causes the HVAC unit not to cool as efficiently as it should, it will increase bills, even when the unit appears to run in good condition.

Ac repairs will help you fix your HVAC unit's internal leakage problems early enough before the leakage causes further damage to the unit. For more information about air conditioning repair, contact a local HVAC professional.


16 March 2021

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