Time To Have Your A New Conditioner Installed? How To Tell It's Time


If your air conditioner seems to be on its last leg, it's definitely time to have it replaced with a new one. Although, not every air conditioner is on its last leg when you decide to replace it with a new one. Your air conditioner may be running perfectly fine, although you've had to repair it a few times, or it may not be very energy efficient. If you aren't sure if you should replace your system, even if it's running correctly, read on for some other signs that indicate you should replace it.

Your Repair Costs Have Increased

Although your air conditioner may be working after you have had it repaired, you may notice that your repair costs have all gone up. If you repaired it last year for the same thing, and this year it's a lot higher, it may be because your aging system is becoming more and more expensive to repair. The parts are going to go up in cost, and the cost to do the repair itself is also going to go up. If these costs are getting hefty, you may want to consider replacing your unit.

You're Repairing More Often

If you are needing to repair your unit more often, such as every year, or multiple times throughout the warm-weather season, it may be time to replace your unit. The cost of repairing your unit this many times is going to exceed the cost of a new unit, and it's more cost-effective to replace it altogether instead of going through with repairs this often.

You're Noticing A More Expensive Energy Bill

An increase in your energy bill can be caused by higher rates being charged by your energy company, or it may be due to your aging air conditioner. If you have an older system, it may take more energy to run it. Even if it is running perfectly, the cost to run it may be excessive and not worth it. If you are not running it as much to save on energy costs, but the trade-off is your comfort, you should consider replacing the unit instead and live comfortably throughout the warm-weather months.

If you aren't sure if your air conditioner should be replaced, use the information above to help guide you. Even if your system is running well, it doesn't mean you shouldn't consider replacing the unit with something newer and more energy-efficient. You could be saving a lot of money in the long run. Call to have a new unit installed and be ready for summer.

For more information, contact a local HVAC contractor.


4 January 2021

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