Three Benefits of a Professional Chimney Sweep


When you think of a professional chimney sweep, you most likely think of classic movies where people dance on rooftops and sweep debris. In reality, a chimney sweep is a very necessary and technical job that needs to be done by a professional for the reasons that are listed below. It's one of the easiest jobs you can perform in your home, but if done correctly, it can improve not only your chimney's operation but your standard of living as well.

1. Safety

It should go without saying, but any fire that is live inside your home needs to be handled with care. Fireplaces are designed to control this heat, but excess soot and ash that builds up on the inside your chimney can pose a number of problems. Not only can it cause the fire to actually become more intense, but can also weaken the structure of the chimney itself over time and allow the flames to seep behind the lining and into your home. While this type of accident is relatively rare, it's still possible if the chimney isn't maintained regularly.

2. Efficiency

While most people love having a fire inside their home, few people enjoy the feeling of smoke filling up their house. Those with breathing or allergy issues need to pay special attention to this since a chimney that is clogged or has buildup on the inside can force the smoke inside the house and cause major health problems to your family. It will also choke out the oxygen that is actually reaching the fire, causing you to have to use more wood and gas to keep the fire going in the first place. A well-maintained chimney is an efficient chimney, which makes for an easier winter for everybody.

3. Lifespan

Most people don't think about the need to replace the chimney, but the average lifespan of those chimneys are anywhere from 20 to 30 years. Unless you want to have it replaced in that time span, you'll want to make sure it's swept regularly to prevent the corrosion that can happen to the inside of your chimney and cost you thousands of dollars in chimney restoration. A chimney the swept regularly will also decrease the amount of carbon monoxide that fills up your home, which means not only will your chimney enjoy a longer lifespan, but your household will as well.

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25 November 2020

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