The Plumbing Guide To Winter Renovation Projects And Preventing Problems


If you are planning on doing renovation projects this winter, there will probably be changes to the plumbing. When you are making changes to your plumbing, you are going to want to make improvements and take measures to prevent problems. The following plumbing guide for winter renovations will help you with these improvements while the weather is cooler.

Plan The Changes To Plumbing

You are going to want to start with a good plan for the changes that you plan on making to your plumbing. Decide where you want to invest in upgrades and new systems to improve the efficiency of your home. Some tips to help with the planning of plumbing for winter renovation projects include:

  • Decide where the plumbing needs to be changed
  • Plan energy-efficient upgrades like new water heaters
  • Choose the type of pipes to install (modern plastic systems cost less)
  • Decide where you are going to use the existing pipes

Remember that having a good plan will help you avoid problems when you need to move pipes.

Cut Off The Water While Working

The water can be a problem when you are planning renovations that involve changes to plumbing. Therefore, you may need to cut off the water while work is being done. Sometimes, this can be done by turning off the main water line, but there may be other solutions too. Some of the options to cut off the water so that renovations can be done include:

  • Shutting off the main water line
  • Capping the area where you do renovations
  • Installing shutoff valves that can be used now and for maintenance

Turning the water off when doing renovations is not always easy. Therefore, you may need to use solutions like installing shutoff valves where they are needed to get work done.

Decide Where To Keep Existing Pipes

When you plan major renovations to your home, there will be existing pipes that need to be changed. This can make renovations become costly quickly. Therefore, you want to try to use as much of the existing plumbing as possible. If you really do not need to move a pipe, try to leave it where it is. Leaving existing pipes wherever possible will help to reduce the costs of your home renovations.

Insulation And Improvements To Prevent Problems

Lastly, you want to protect the pipes from damage due to the cold weather. This is something that can be done by insulating lines or moving pipes to more protected areas. Anywhere there are pipes exposed to cold air, insulate them. You can also insulate long hot water lines to reduce thermal energy loss and improve your home's efficiency.

You may be planning some renovations for the winter months, but you want to make sure you are prepared. Call a plumbing service for help with your home's pipes.


22 October 2020

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