Issues Your Air Conditioning System May Experience


Correcting air conditioner problems will be something that every homeowner may experience. While an air conditioning system can be a highly complicated device, many of the problems that these units experience will actually be the result of a handful of issues and malfunctions. Becoming aware of the warning signs and types of repair considerations these problems will require can make responding to an air conditioner malfunction a less stressful chore.  

Dirty Coils

The coils of the air conditioning system will be responsible for cooling the air that is flowing into the unit. Unfortunately, these coils can become extremely dirty over time, which can limit the amount of cooling that occurs as the air passes by them. If you are noticing a severe decrease in the overall cooling output of the system, it may be beneficial to have the coils thoroughly cleaned. By removing the layer of dirt and dust that has collected on the coil, you can restore the system's cooling capacity. In addition to improving the performance of the air conditioning system, this can also reduce the risk of the system damaging itself due to burning out or suffering excess wear and tear.

Failed Fuses

The amount of electricity that an air conditioning system requires can be immense. In fact, these devices can often be the most energy-intensive appliances in the home. Not surprisingly, an air conditioning system will need fuses in order to regulate the amount of power that it is receiving so that the unit does not overload. If these fuses fail, they can completely stop the flow of power into the unit, which may result in the system failing to turn on. While replacing these fuses is not expensive or difficult, it will be important to assess whether there is a more serious malfunction that is causing the unit to overload or whether the failure is a result of the fuses reaching the end of their lifespan.

Faulty Compressor

The compressor will have the responsibility of circulating the refrigerant throughout the coils. A failure with the compressor will result in the refrigerant failing to continue to circulate in the coils. This can lead to the system blowing warm or even hot air into the home. When the compressor fails, it will almost always need to be replaced in order to restore functionality to the air conditioning unit, and this can be a rather complicated repair. In addition to the challenges of properly disconnecting the existing compressor and installing the new one, these components can also be extremely difficult to reach without the right equipment.

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21 July 2020

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