Three Modern Options For A Brand New Air Conditioning System


Modern air conditioning systems are more advanced, efficient, and have more options than older and more conventional systems. These options give you greater control over setting temperatures for different areas of your home, require less space for ducts, and let you control your home's climate via smart devices.

Ductless and High-Velocity Systems

There are several ways to cool a house, which means that you can select the one that works best for your home. For example, if you've held off getting a traditional central air system due to how much space the ducts require, there are other options you can choose from.

The first is a ductless air system. These use wall-mounted units in multiple rooms, but rather than being installed into a window, they're installed directly to your wall. This dedicated installation, and the lack of any and all ducts, means that this method is more efficient than traditional central air systems. The tradeoff is that paying for multiple units can get pricey and that these units require more regular maintenance than standard central air systems.

Another option is a high-velocity system. This is much like a conventional central air system, but instead of large bulky metal ducts, it uses smaller flexible hoses. This means that these "ducts" can run inside walls and under floors, making available duct space much less of a concern. As a bonus, this can decrease construction costs.

Zoning Systems

While it's possible to regulate how much air is distributed into a room by adjusting the vents, this method's effectiveness is limited. What's more, it also means that you need to manually adjust your vents every time you want to change the distribution of air.

This is where a zoning system comes in handy. A zoning system uses either electronic vents or electronic dampers inside your ducts that automatically adjust themselves. With this system, your vents or dampers will work to keep each individual room as close to the temperature you set as possible.

The other major benefit of zoning systems is that they let you set different temperatures for different parts of your house. This can help your energy efficiency by putting most of your cool air into zones you're actively using. Because of the work to your ducts a zoning system requires, it's a good idea to do this either during a first-time installation or during an upgrade where your ducts are already being worked on anyway.

Smart Home Integration

Modern air conditioning systems can not only make use of programmable thermostats, but smart thermostats. These can connect to your WiFi network, give you local weather reports, and automatically learn when and how your system is used to set more energy-efficient schedules.

In addition, this lets them be controlled by things like smartphones, as well as voice commands via smart home assistants. If you've installed other components, like a zoning system, these can work hand in hand and be controlled by the same devices. Many of these benefits are more convenient than efficient, but if you already have smart devices in your home, these can be welcome additions to your air conditioning system. Talk to your installer to see what they have available and how you can have this installed.

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18 June 2020

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