What You Should Know About HVAC System Maintenance


Problems with an HVAC system are expected to happen after time passes by, but sometimes they develop when least expected. The unexpected problems are usually left unnoticed until a homeowner has a need to use the system, which can cause a lot of frustration. For instance, the system will either not work at all or will have to be run for a long time to reach the right temperature. The homeowner is then left in a situation where they are stuck with higher energy costs or must live in an uncomfortable environment until the system is able to be repaired. Most of the time it is possible to prevent unexpected problems from developing, especially if you get into the habit of regular maintenance being performed on the system.

Why HVAC System Maintenance Is Important

The most important aspect of HVAC system maintenance is to keep the system running at a high energy efficiency level. Maintenance is also necessary for increasing air quality in your household, such as by decreasing the number of allergens that are floating around. The strength at which air flows out of vents also relies on the system receiving maintenance, as air can begin to flow at a weak rate and have an impact on energy efficiency. An HVAC system can become noisy if it doesn't receive the proper care. You don't want a noisy system because it can be a nuisance for your household when everyone is trying to sleep.

System Parts That Can Benefit from Maintenance

The filter is one of the system parts that can benefit from maintenance, as cleaning or replacing it can assist with gathering dirt, dust, pet dander, and other allergens out of the air. Filter maintenance also plays a role in how much air flows through the air ducts, as the air must pass through the filter before going through other parts of the system.

The fan blower assembly can benefit from being cleaned on occasion because it is not only how air is produced, but it can also have an impact on how much air flows through the system. For example, a blower fan that is dirty might not spin at a high speed as it should. The coils and air ducts must be cleaned for them to fully function as well.

How HVAC System Maintenance Should Be Performed

Small maintenance tasks can be performed on your own, such as cleaning or changing the air filter. However, it is wise for major HVAC system maintenance to be performed by a professional so the tasks can be done in a thorough manner. For example, cleaning the air ducts, blower fan assembly, and coils might involve parts being disassembled in order for a thorough cleaning job to be done. You might not have the knowledge or tools to perform major maintenance tasks.

Contact local HVAC services for more information about the maintenance necessary for your system.


6 March 2020

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