3 Indications You Might Have A Plumbing Leak


You may think having a plumbing leak would be obvious, but in many instances, the leak is slow to make itself known or is occurring in an inconspicuous location. Sometimes, warning signs a leak is occurring may happen well before there is an obvious plumbing failure.

Higher Water Bill

For some residents, their first indication that a plumbing leak is a problem is when they receive an abnormally high water bill. Since the leak may have been occurring for some time, the bill is often impossibly high. The main leaks that can cause your water bill to skyrocket are often hidden outside or within the walls of your home. Often, the leaks are located in the pipes that bring water to your faucets, appliances, or toilet. Sometimes this issue may be more obvious if you notice less water pressure in faucets or that appliances take longer to fill up, such as the washing machine. If any of these issues occur, it is important to have the concern investigated before it shows up in your water bill.

Mold Growth

Mold growth can occur for many reasons. Since mold needs a dark and damp environment to flourish, the underlying reason could simply be changes in the humidity levels inside your home. Sometimes this occurs when your HVAC system is not doing an appropriate job of eliminating excess moisture from the air. When mold growth is associated with a leak, you will usually find mold in some obscure location, such as under the bathroom sink or along the basement wall. In addition to having a potential leak investigated, you will need to invest in mold remediation, since both obvious mold growth and potential ambient spores could cause breathing problems.

Mysterious Puddles

Sometimes household appliances are the culprits of leaks, especially as pipes and tubing begin to experience signs of wear. When the leak is slow and small, you may use a specific appliance numerous times before it is obvious there is a problem. For larger leaks, you might turn on your washer or dishwasher and come back to a puddle of water on the floor. Since many of the pipes that provide water to your home may run through the basement, this is often the place puddles will be found if a leak exists. Other places puddles may form is outside, often in the front or back yard. Sometimes, failures in the lines that bring water to your home or that take sewage away from your home occur after extreme weather conditions, such as heavy rain or extreme cold.

Sometimes the signs of a leak can be subtle if you are not paying attention. If you notice any signs that a leak may be occurring, it is imperative to have the problem investigated promptly before more damage is done. Contact plumbing leak detection services for more information. 


20 December 2019

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