What's That Noise? Diagnosing Your AC's Noisy Problems


Have you noticed your AC making odd noises lately? If so, it could indicate an issue with your unit that requires the attention of an HVAC specialist. An air conditioner that runs right without any issue will run smoothly and quietly, efficiently cooling your home when the heat of summer hits. Noises, however, are not normal. Understanding the noises your AC makes can help you figure out what problem you might have so you know what to expect when you contact a repair professional.

Bad Bangs and Buzzes

Strange sounds coming from your air conditioner can seem scary. The thought of having to face repairs may make you feel like panicking. Take into consideration that the average cost of AC repair is around $310. Keep in mind that if you do not address issues with your AC right away, it may lead to more expensive problems that require attention, so it is best to hire someone right away.

One common sound you might hear is a loud bang. Banging and buzzing usually indicate an issue with the following:

  • Failing compressor motor
  • Bad motor bearing
  • Loose components
  • Loose fan blade or bent fan blades

Make sure you let the service professional know what kind of sound you hear when you run your AC so they know what to expect when they visit your home.

Confusing Chatters, Clanks, and Clunks

A faulty AC may also produce sounds like chattering, clanking, or clunking. When you hear a sound like that, your heart may very well chatter, clank, and clunk also. The thought of something making that noise may seem like a major expense. Generally, the problems that create noises like that include:

  • Debris caught in the condenser
  • Loose compressor fan blades
  • A lack of lubrication
  • Issues with refrigerant or expansion valves

Horrible Hissing, Huffing, or Humming

Sometimes issues with your air conditioner will cause it to produce sounds like hissing, huffing, or humming. Just like you wouldn't want to hear a mad animal hissing at you, you also do not want your AC to hiss. If you hear something that sounds like hissing, huffing, or humming, you likely have issues with:

  • A failing or stuck valve
  • Unusually high pressure within the compressor motor
  • Unusually high pressure near the compressor motor
  • Leaking refrigerant

Make sure you contact a service repair professional to deal with all the issues mentioned. If you address the problems quickly enough, you might be able to avoid costly repairs. FOr more information, contact a local HVAC company like Airtech  Refrigeration


25 June 2019

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