What You Can Expect From An AC Tune-Up


It's almost summer, which means that you may have a few things to get done around your house to ensure that you have a safe and comfortable summer. While you are daydreaming of all of the fun barbecues you are going to have in your backyard, there are some other things for you to think about as well such as your air conditioner. To make sure that your AC unit runs as well as possible, you should consider getting a professional tune-up from an AC repair technician. But what exactly happens during one of these tune-ups? If you have never had one before, then this article will take a closer look at what will happen. Read on.

Coolant Evaluation

If you have ever had your car break down on the side of the road and start to overheat, it was probably because something was wrong with your coolant or your radiator. Similar to the radiator in your car that needs coolant to cool down your engine, your air conditioner also uses coolant to help cool down the air in your unit and make your house cool. During your tune-up, your air conditioner repair technician will take a closer look at your coolant to see if it needs to be filled up or replaced. If it does, they will go ahead and do that for you at this time.

Comprehensive Cleaning

Another thing that will happen during your AC tune-up is a comprehensive cleaning. During this cleaning, your technician will focus on the condenser coils to make sure that they are as clean as possible. The goal in cleaning the coils is to make sure that you reduce energy costs and any wear and tear on the system. To clean the coils, they will start out by opening up your unit so that they can have access to them. Then, they will turn off the energy source so that they don't get shocked at all. Once the energy source is turned off, they will then use a rag to clean the coils by hand. If there is dust tapped between the coils, they may use a dust spray to get it out. 

As you can see, there are a few things that will be done during your air conditioning maintenance. Rather than waiting until your AC unit breaks down, make sure that you have it tuned up by a professional instead. 


23 February 2019

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