Three Situations Best Suited For Ductless HVAC Use


A ductless HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system may not be the perfect option when installing a whole house heating system in a new house. However, there are cases where ductless HVAC from an HVAC equipment manufacturer fits better than other forms of heating and cooling. Here are some of those cases and why they are suitable for ductless HVAC installation:

When You Create an Additional Room

A ductless HVAC system is a perfect remedy for an additional room without heating and cooling. This can be the case whether the additional room has been constructed as an extension of the house or it is a previously unused room that has been remodeled and made fit for living. For example, if you have just finished your basement, have converted the garage into an extra bedroom, or have created a "man cave," you can easily install a ductless HVAC to heat and cool the room without the expense of installing ductworks.

When You Want To Stop Using Some Rooms

A ductless HVAC may also come to your rescue if you live in a large home but don't want to waste time using all of them because you are not using some of the rooms. A good example is when you used to live with your kids or grandkids but they have moved into their places now. Another example is when you used to live in a multigenerational home with your kids and grandparents, but the two generations have left and you are now alone.

In such a case, you may think that shutting off the air registers in the empty rooms may help, but that would just create a pressure imbalance and encourage mold growth. A better alternative is to install ductless systems in the main room you want to use and turn down the central HVAC as far as possible without shutting it off for the sake of the other rooms. That will help you control the temperature of your main room independently of the other rooms.

When You Acquire a Property without Ductworks

Lastly, a ductless system will also be handy when you acquire a property that previously had no ductworks. Maybe it is an old home and the previous owner relied on log and radiator heating or it is a commercial property that you want to convert into a residential one. In either case, installing a ductless HVAC system will be much cheaper than installing the ductwork for a central HVAC.                       


21 July 2018

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