Why You Need To Clean Outside Your Furnace


HVAC systems are obviously complicated, with expensive and delicate electrical components, large appliances, tricky gas systems, and other things that homeowners don't want to mess with. That being said, HVAC maintenance isn't something that should only be left to professional technicians and contractors. The fact of the matter is, your HVAC system needs more constant maintenance then you are probably giving it. Even if you have your system serviced once or twice a year, there are a lot of simple things homeowners can do to maintain their system. Even minor jobs, like cleaning the area around the outside of your furnace cabinet will ultimately reduce your reliance on HVAC contractors, and also ensure that small defects within your system don't create larger, more expensive problems.

Clean the Outside of Your Furnace Cabinet

One such DIY job is to clean your furnace cabinet. Cleaning both the inside and outside of your furnace cabinet might not make an immediate impact on the efficiency of your system. However, it can prevent other problems that could have a severe impact on the productivity of your furnace. For instance, if your furnace gets dirty, there is a good chance that certain components will start to malfunction.What usually happens is that one component will have to work harder to compensate for another. This could put undue stress on that component, but it can also result in your furnace using much more electricity than normal. You can definitely see subtle increases in your utility bills if you have an inefficient components within furnace.

First of all, it is helpful if you don't store a bunch of things around the perimeter of your furnace cabinet. Since furnaces are usually in storage rooms, garages, and utility rooms, it is only natural that homeowners tend to stack things around them. The actual things around your furnace probably won't affect it. However, this stuff can collect dust, and this dust can get sucked into your furnace system, causing your filter to get dirty. A dirty filter is always going to decrease the efficiency of your system.

So, just keeping the area around your furnace clean and free of clutter is probably going to prevent the inside of your furnace from getting dirty too quickly. If the outside of your furnace is kept cleaning, you will ultimately not need to spend as much time cleaning the inside of your furnace, which is far more complicated.


5 January 2018

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