Ductless Window Units Vs. Central AC Systems


Investing in new AC system for your home is a very big decision. You need to find the type of system that will be the most efficient for your property. You also need to consider your current HVAC set up. That is, if your home already has ducting installed for the heating system, adding an air conditioning unit is not going to be that much more expensive. However, if your property does not have any ducting within the walls, the project is going to be extremely expensive and not practical. Nonetheless, there are viable options for just about any type of property. This article specifically looks at the main differences between window AC units and central AC systems.

Ductless Windows AC Units

The best thing about ductless window AC unit is it they are very affordable and easy to install. You can walk into a store today, by a unit, put it in your window, and have it up and running within a few hours. All you need to run these units is a window and a power outlet. Usually, the unit can be hung inside your window fixture without any sort of mounting screws. The special mounting brackets stay in place as long as you close the window on top. Of course, window units work best on vertically sliding movable fixtures.

Window AC units definitely have a lot of limitations. First of all, they rely solely on electricity to cool your home. This means that your electricity bills are going to be very high if have many units throughout your home. Also, they have very limited range since there is only one point of airflow. In reality, window AC units are really only good for cooling off small rooms or studios. Some people actually install them even though they already have central AC. If there is one room in your house that tends to stay hot, even when the central AC is pumping, adding a window unit can allow you to adjust your thermostat so the rest your house is not freezing just to cool down that one room.

Central AC Systems

Central AC systems are generally considered to be far more efficient and effective, especially in homes that are larger, have multiple rooms, and/or have multiple levels. You can cool your home much more evenly with central AC. The initial installation of a central AC system is going to be far more expensive. However, you might see significant savings on your utility bills compared to what you would see if you were using multiple window units throughout your house.

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15 November 2017

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