First Start Furnace Burning Odors


If you are preparing for the upcoming winter season, then you may have started to get your heater ready. If so, you may have turned the unit on briefly to make sure it runs. If you noticed a burning smell when doing this, then you may be worried that your heater is going to die soon. However, this is unlikely. Keep reading to learn about this issue and what you should do about it.

Why Is The Burning Odor Created?

The most common reason why you may smell an odor when starting your heater is that dust has settled within the heating unit. When you start the furnace, the flammable dust, which is made up mostly of organic matter like hair, pollen, dander, and textile fibers, will burn off. Since the particles of dust are small and highly flammable, they will burn quickly and release a burning odor. The more dust in your furnace, the longer the smell will linger. 

Burning odors can be caused by things like the overheating of one or several parts. For example, if the blower motor overheats, you will smell a burning odor. This can happen as well if belts become too hot and the rubber starts to burn, and you may notice the issue when an electrical short causes wiring insulation to burn. 

Closed vents can also cause hot air to remain trapped in your HVAC system and to release a stale, burning smell until the vent is opened.

How Can The Issue Be Resolved?

If the burning smell is brief, dissipates within a few minutes, and does not return when your system cycles on once again, then the cause is likely from accumulated dust that burned off when you first started the heater. If the smell remains or returns, then new dust may have entered the system, and it will burn off every time the unit starts. This happens when the air filter is dirty, so replace it. 

Also, the smell will continue if vents are closed, so check all the ones inside your home to make sure they are open. If an odor persists, then turn off the heater and contact an HVAC professional, such as from I C E Heating & Cooling. You should do this as soon as possible. Not only can an electrical fire start if there is a wiring problem, but you stand the chance of causing irreparable damage to components if you allow them to fully burn out through continued use. 


23 September 2017

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