Three Common Heating Problems


There are few winter problems that can be more disruptive or dangerous that issues with your home's heating system on a particularly cold evening. Unfortunately, homeowners are frequently poorly prepared to avoid these issues or address them when they start arising.

Compromised Filters

The air filters are easily among the most important components of your forced air heating system. These components will prevent dust and other matter from entering the system. When these filters become compromised, they can greatly limit the air entering the system or they may contaminate the air. For example, mold can be a particularly common problem for these systems to experience, and it can both limit the airflow while contaminating it. By regularly inspecting the condition of your air filters, you should be able to have them replaced so that these issues can be corrected.  

Excessive Cycling

Excessive cycling of the heating system can be another common problem that will be encountered. Often, this issue arises due to problems with the thermostat or primary heater control. Additionally, loose connections can also contribute to this problem as the power may be interrupted. While this problem can make it difficult to regulate the temperature in your home, it can also contribute to the heating system suffering extensive damage. The excessive cycling can cause the heater to experience advanced mechanical wear that can shorten its lifespan. Due to the wide range of issues that can cause this particular problem, you will need to have the system professionally inspected so that the issue could be identified.  

No Heat Or Air

A system that is suffering a malfunction that is severe enough to cause the unit to fail to produce heat or air is one of the worst case scenarios for heater problems during the winter. When your system is failing to produce any heat, this could indicate that either the heating elements have failed or the electrical system is not providing them with enough power. Issues with a lack of hair are likely to reflect that the primary blower has suffered a mechanical problem.

Problems with the heater can quickly cause the comfort level inside your home to drop. However, being unaware of the potential problems that can arise may lead you to inadvertently make these problems worse or fail to know the steps for responding when these issues arise. After learning the problems your air filters can experience, the issues that can lead to excessive cycling as well as the various sources of a lack of air or heat, keeping your home warm through these problems will be easier. Contact a service, like Winters Heating Cooling, for more help.


4 September 2017

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