A Homeowners Guide To Interpreting Unexpected And Troubling Sounds From The Air Conditioner Compressor


Given the complexities of the modern HVAC system, it only makes sense that today's units are likely to present with features and information that you're not yet familiar with. For instance, the compressor is an essential and often overlooked component of your air conditioner that can present with mystifying sounds when issues with it exist. Therefore, it's a good idea for every homeowner who is concerned about the functionality of their heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system to be aware of the following issues with the air conditioning compressor that indicate an HVAC expert should inspect the unit as soon as possible.    

Know What An Overly Noisy Compressor Often Indicates

It's important to remember that the role of the compressor for your air conditioner is primarily to permit the coolant in the system to move around. Its movements result in a more intense heat within the coolant, thus allowing the entire air conditioning unit to function more effectively. A good rule of thumb is that a loud compressor is never a good thing.

If you cannot immediately attribute the new sound to leaves or other debris that have made their way into the unit, you should call a repair-person right away. One of the more common mechanical reasons for that noise is a failing compressor and if you wait until the unit has totally failed, replacement might be your only option. 

Listen For A Buzzing Compressor

A buzzing compressor often occurs because it is receiving inadequate electrical flow. The buzzing happens when the unit is trying to start and cannot do so. The issue might be due to a damaged or missing fuses, as well as impaired contacts.

You can check the fuses with a multimeter to check for functionality. A visual assessment of the contacts will frequently be sufficient to determine if the contacts are intact. You can also turn the compressor off and on a few times to see if the buzzing sound continues. If those easy and safe fixes have not permitted the buzzing sound to disappear and the compressor doesn't start to work as it should, it's best to consult with an expert before continuing to use the unit. However, you should be sure that the buzzing is not actually a grinding sound, as that might be a different problem, as shared next.       

Be Concerned About Grinding Sounds

Although you probably already know and might hope to learn otherwise, the grinding sounds in your compressor aren't something to ignore. They often manifest due to damaged, worn-out or otherwise malfunctioning bearings.

If those impaired bearings are not immediately rectified, you could easily find yourself buying a new motor. Sadly, installing that new and essential component of your HVAC system can be quite expensive. In addition, it's crucial to know that until and unless you are told otherwise by an HVAC expert, you should refrain from running the unit until the problem has been fixed.  

In conclusion, your HVAC system is expensive to replace, but doing so is often the best option when repairs are inappropriate or impossible. As a result, it's best to be aware of the above indicators that you should speak with an HVAC expert about your options as soon as possible. 


24 August 2017

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