4 Steps For Maintaining Your Heating Unit In The Summer


During the summer, your home's heater is probably the last thing you are thinking about. You are more likely to be thinking of ways to beat the heat, not increase the heat. Unfortunately, this type of complacency can lead to some trouble. When your heater is ignored, it may not actually be ready to work by the time you want it up and running again as the temperature starts to cool. Use these tips to ensure that your heater really works this winter.

1. Clean Your Heating Unit Regularly

Your heater is likely to build up dirt and dust when it is not in use. Use the warm months to clean the unit after all that winter use so that it is ready to go. Take the time to clean the furnace, heating vents, boiler, and any other features associated with your heater. If you find that your heater becomes extremely dirty quickly, consider buying a cover to help keep debris out. Clean heating units work harder and more efficiently for you.

2. Call the HVAC Repair Company

During the off-season is the perfect time to have your heating unit maintained or repaired by your local heating services technician. If something needs to be replaced, it is much better if you can take care of this before your heater is out of commission when you really need it. A tune-up will come quite in handy, especially if you have been hearing strange noises or the heating simply doesn't feel like it used to.

3. Change Filters

Filters need to be cleaned or replaced throughout the year, and now is as good a time as any to replace your filter. Blocked filters don't allow the warm air to escape as it should, leading to a lack of efficiency.

4. Consider Replacing Your Heater

If you have been thinking about replacing your heating unit altogether, summer is the perfect time to shop. By the time winter rolls around, you will have found the perfect deal on a new unit. You have time to buy a brand new unit or a used one that you can have certified by an HVAC technician as being in perfect working condition.

The sooner you get to work on taking care of your heating needs, the sooner you will be set come winter. There is no need to worry about whether or not you will have a working heating system -- it's already taken care of for you.


4 August 2017

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