Frequently Needing To Repair A Central Air Conditioning System


Central air conditioning system repairs can accumulate to be large amounts of money when they are needed on a regular basis. The repairs are usually necessary for systems that do not receive maintenance every now and then. If you are ready to stop having to invest in so many repairs, occassional inspections of the system should be considered. Just keep in mind that the inspections should be done professionally, as you might not have easy access to certain parts of the system. Learn a few important things about central air conditioning systems in this article.

Does the System Run Quieter Than Usual?

Although a noisy central air conditioning system isn't desirable, it is normal to a certain extent. The noise is a sign that the blower fan is running to create the air that is needed to cool off your home. However, if you notice that there isn't as much noise coming from the system as usual, something might be wrong. The blower fan may not be spinning as fast as it should, which can cause low energy efficiency in your house. Asking a technician to replace the blower fan can help with energy efficiency, as well as eliminate the need for the system needing so many repairs.

How Often is the Filter Changed?

Have you ever changed the filter to your central air conditioning system? If not, the frequent repairs that your system needs might be because the filter isn't in good shape. When a filter is dirty, the blower fan works harder to push air through it. If the fan has to work harder than usual, it can become problematic, which could affect the motor and other aspects of the overall system. Start getting the air filter changed at least a few times per year, especially during the periods when the system is used the most.

How Long Has the System Been in Your House?

The age of your central air conditioning system is very important when it comes to how well it functions. It isn't uncommon for older air conditioning systems to need repairs on a regular basis in order to produce air and reach the temperature on the thermostat. If you don't know the age of your system, asking an HVAC technician, like those at Hartman Heating, Air and Fireplaces, is the best way to find out. The solution to putting an end to making frequent repairs might be to get a new system for your house. You will likely enjoy lower energy bills as well.


26 July 2017

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