Having An Industrial HVAC Piping System Custom Made For Your System? Factors You Should Not Forget When Designing Your Pipes


Industrial buildings and warehouses may need special industrial HVAC piping system to help transport and move steam from boilers, chilled water, compressed air, various gases, or process liquids through the pipes. Typically, you work with a specialist to determine the size of the piping, type of piping needed, and how to fit all the pipes into your building. However, if you are forgoing working with a designer or working with only the company to fabricate the pipes, there are a few factors you need to keep in mind when designing your system. Here are a few of those factors.

Expansion and Contraction

When you are designing your industrial piping system, you need to allow for expansion and contraction. The amount a pipe will expand or contract varies based on the temperatures in your warehouse, the temperature of the material in the pipes, and the material the pipe is made from. However, it is important to space out the pipes so they are not rubbing against each other as they expand or contract. This can cause them to become damaged or affect the temperature of the items inside.

Drainage Spots

Another factor you need to consider when designing an industrial piping system is where your drainage spots will be. Your pipes may need to be drained for a variety of reasons. You may be placing a new item in them, changing the temperature, or may simply need to clean or repair the pipes. You need to ensure you have spots where you can drain the pipes safely while still being out of the way of the other elements in your warehouse.

Maintenance for the System

The last factor you need to consider when designing an industrial HVAC piping system is maintenance for the system. It is tempting to hide the pipes behind walls or above the ceiling in your warehouse building. However, this can make it challenging to access these pipes to maintain or repair them. And the longer these things take, the less productive your warehouse will be at accomplishing its goals. Because time is money, you always want to design your system so that it is as accessible as possible when it needs to be repaired or maintained.

Designing an industrial HVAC piping system is not an easy task. When possible, this is a task you should leave to the professionals. They can help you design the best system for your needs, ensuring there is enough space for expansion and contraction, accessible drainage spots, and pipes that are easily accessed when your system needs to be maintained or repaired.


13 April 2017

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