6 Tips For Using Your Air Conditioner This Summer


This summer, the heat is bound to be ferocious. when you have an air conditioner in working order, it is sure to be a piece of cake to beat the heat -- until you remember that running your AC also hikes up your energy bill. When you use your air conditioner this summer, take these steps to ensure that you are making the most of your finances and AC unit.

1. Use an Air Condition with a Fan

If you are on the hunt for a brand new air conditioning unit, look for one that allows you to run the fan only. This will allow you to keep the house cool at night without freezing out your family.

2. Make Your Home Shade-Efficient

Do you have windows facing the sun? These are not the best places to secure AC units. Place them in the shade. It is also important that you work on covering those windows that might face the sun, especially during the hottest part of the day. This will make your AC run more efficiently.

3. Insulate Your Home Early On

Insulation will keep your house from losing cool air to the rest of the neighborhood. Of course, there is a lot more than insulation you can do for your house. You can also add weather strips and ensure that your windows and doors are perfectly sealed.

4. Reconsider the Position of Your Thermostat

The thermostat is a bigger consideration than many people make it out to be. The location of your thermostat will help to determine the temperature throughout the rest of the house. If the thermostat is near a cooler area of the house, the rest of the rooms in the house may still be quite warm.

5. Think About Installing Ceiling Fans

A ceiling fan can help to circulate the cool air around the room. If you want to install just one fan, make it the room where everybody spends the most time in the hottest part of the day, like the living room.

6. Do What You Can in the Yard

Did you know that certain types of trees could be the key to cooling down your house? Planting shade trees around windows and glass doors can keep the heat at bay.

Using your air conditioner this summer does not have to be a hassle, financially or physically. These tips will help you face the summer heat with confidence. For more information, visit a website like http://www.capefearair.com.


19 March 2017

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